I feel your pain...When,
You want a great business but you can't fully put yourself out there....some fears are holding you back
you feel guilty and ashamed for many things in life, that you know you probably shouldn't, but cant help it
you often feel not good enough
Your mother holds you back more than you'd like to admit with her comments
You can't seem to get your business to the next level no matter what you do
your love life is not as juicy and hot as you'd like it to be
You doubt yourself and over think everything
You are a mega perfectionist in all things
You cant bear the thought of letting others down...
It's ok! That's why I am
This program is a mix of psychotherapy, energy work and play
where we explore your truest deepest desires, resolve any energetic blocks or inner conflicts keeping them in suspension, so they can move towards you faster, whether it be in business,, love or money and sometimes it can be all three as these things tend to go together.
However the good news is, when one shifts often the others shift too.
In this program you will also:
Learn how to literally SPEAK things into physical reality
Manifest both the imaginable and the UNIMAGINABLE
Start clearing blocks from your energy field and get it working automatically for you, to create unimaginable manifestations
Money mindset work, clear blocsk to cash creation
Learn what it actually FEELs like to create a cash manifestation in your own body, Ill give you the technique I use to manifest a million
A lot of money coaches are out there tell you its your energy that manifests but they don't explain how cash creation feels like in your body before it shows up or how to pull something from the energetic and into the physical - oh what fun this is!!!
1;1 VIP
6 weeks
I call a week plus messenger support in between
5 spots
Initial application session, where we have a chat and see if we are a good fit
Drop a comment to book an initial
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HI I'm Honor, 

ive spent many years learning about the power of feminine energy only to find it was something i had all along

this amazing power to manifest things without trying.

the problem was - i was taught to try, to try too hard and it messed me up. 

all the trying was blocking what was meant to come to me, with all that anxiety and stress

til i found the days i watched netflix or had fun was when the love and money i desired started to show up

I'd discovered the power of my feminine energy

if you are struggling with money and/or love and would like to book a free session with me click this link and choose

book here!



its not what you think either


its not coins and paper


its a powerful spiritual energy that responds to you


so if you learn to work with it


you can have a lot of fun with money!!


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