Honor Newman

I will help make love easier for you

Honor Newman is a world-renowned thought leader on empowerment for women.


Honor is a particular expert in helping women beat their perfectionistic mindsets that are getting in the way of their dream lives.

In the first session with Honor, I felt challenged to reassess my frame of mind and sense of self-worth. With a no-bullshit approach, Honor helped to guide my mindset in a direction that saw me developing my self-esteem, my inner “power”, and my talents. This continued during the following sessions to great effect. She offered countless useful resources which lead to me turning out more music and artwork regularly (this was one of my goals). She helped me address my deep fears head on, and allowed me the space to reflect and reach my own solutions in certain areas - this was very empowering.
I am still utilising the advice and resources to this day, and I continue to improve day to day.
- Hannah S


Through her popular courses, highly engaging social media presence and mastermind for high level women entrepreneurs, and through her daily free inspirational content, she empowers women to design lives and businesses they are totally in love with.

Honor’s mission is to get the power of money into the hands of women with beautiful dreams so they can change the world in  a positive way. She want to free women of all the negative conditioning so they can live their dream lives.

Combining her background in mental health counselling with practical personal and business advice and grounded knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, Honor is a unique entity.

She has written the  self- help book Killing the Perfectionist Within which is available on Amazon. She is a native of Melbourne Australia and runs her Global Empire from the comfort of her own home.


 My name is  Honor Newman,  I am a  trained therapist and Miracle Money Manifestor. A year ago I manifested a million dollars and it got me REALLY fascinated with how money REALLY works!

So i dug into it and found some amazing things!

I want to share these secrets with you.

Its time the world knew the truth!


I can help you remove the things getting in the way of love and money flowing into your life so you can improve your financial abundance and romantic life

Here's what my clients are saying:

Honor Jane Newman

“I have had the priviledge of being Honor Newman's client and through her work she has helped me get my life and career in order as well as helped to save me $40,000 in legal costs. I am truly grateful for her help with getting me on the right path financially. ”

Mother and student

Honor Jane Newman

“I just had a Money Block Removing Session with Honor & I really enjoy it 😉 She helped me to identify great actionable steps to move forward and helped me to get more confident in my money situation for the near future. Thank you so much for your amazing help Honor 💜”

Single Mum and Entreprenuer

Honor Jane Newman

“I had an intuitive business session with Honor. She has lazer sharp intuition and zones in very quickly on the messages you most need to hear. In a simple conversation she highlighted what I most need to work on and the pivot that will make so much difference in expanding my business to next level and reaching out to clients. She is amazing and gives real, applicable advice. Intuition is only part of it. Thank you Honor!”


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