How I went from broke to a millionaire in a few short months.

Yes its true - when it comes to money manifesting sometimes you can feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall.
Do you feel like some times you try and try and try at something and you can't get results you want or like other people do?
Like for me -my psychology and coaching business never flourished consistently,
some times yes I was fully booked, but not consistently.
I never really wanted to run a traditional psychology empire.
It may be the same for you.
You may be trying so hard at the thing you think you SHOULD do
or the thing you know
which is actually not your destiny.
Its not your true zone of genius.
You actually don't want it deep down
Your zone of genius is what unlocks the epic cash.
The MOMENT I pivoted to getting into media and tv work the universe conspired to bring everything my way- agents, interviews, photoshoots etc
After 8 long years of trying to get coaching to flourish.
Cos I didn't really want a full practice of 1:1 clients.
I didn't want to hire a team of psychologists
I wanted to promote my message to the world.
In the biggest way possible.
Through the media.
What about you?
Where are you beating your head against a brick wall?
It shouldn't be hard.
Throw out all that bullshit programming that it should take struggle and toil to make money
The truth is the opposite
Its the thing you find so easy that its not even like work is the thing that will make you the biggest cash.
It will happen easily
and its not be if because you have a ' block or a limiting belief'
It is just the wrong path for you

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