Why do things seem to be getting worse?

You are doing all the things to improve your life - self reflection, journalling, therapy etc
and things seem to be getting worse!
You are so confused..
Its Okay.
These are your unconcsious fears of success rising to the surface.
Your ego doesn't want you to change.
It wants you to stay in the shitty, the comfortable, the familiar.
Because your life full of love, money and success feels foreign, unfamilIar UNCOMFORTABLE.
This is a sign you are SO close,
So don't give up,
don't go back
Draw a line in the sand and go the other way
Take that step from the shitty life into the good life.
You can step into your greatness NOW.
Face your fear of success and happiness.
Face your fear of a leading a life filled with incredible luxury, ease, pleasure and love.
Tell your ego the shitty time is over and its time to start really living
 its all OK

Wherever you are, its ok

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