What does abundance actually FEEL like?

But what does abundance actually feel like?
One thing I think a lot of Manifestation teachers miss is to explain what things actually feel like- so what abundance actually feels like, how it feels in your body etc
Because it's not enough to know things in your mind you have to know them in your body and heart for it to really work.
What Abundance feels like-
it feels- expansive like when you stare at the blue sky on a beautiful day , when you feel the joy that any thing is possible, it feels easy, deeply deeply pleasurable, very relaxing, cushioned and deeply supportive.
Also you can lock amounts of money in your Body. It feels like the figure clicking in and lighting up.
That's what I did to manif the million.
I was getting all these offers that just felt to low. I felt under valued.
Then I thought of a million and I thought I'm really worth a million. I felt that deeply.
Then it showed up.
That's how it works
Now I never have to struggle with paying my mortgage my kid is happy in her school.
Hope this helps.
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