My bank account has been in zero many times...
I remember one day every single account I had was at a perfect zero
but i had the inexplicable feeling that was a good sign...
and it was, because it was a prompt to start the money mindset work
I was at rock bottom,
depressed and suicidal
and i started listening to some money audios
I started releasing my issues and
within 6 months I had turned things around completely
I took complete ownership of my home, my mortgage was paid out and then deed was in my physical hands in my name.
Money showed up to fund my daughters; entire private school education and my sons too when he is ready (not yet)
I got a great job working on a well-being app and clients would message me whilst I was at work for appointments.
Life was flowing.
and let me tell you I didn't do this from a high vibe place.
It was from a place of deep grief, of letting go of so many things that weren't serving me, from a place of -I deserve better.
Things went happily for the next 6 months
I had clients and was working with ease until...
it happened.
I went broke again.
What did this mean?
It meant there were new patterns to release.
I knew I had to go back to doing the money mindset work again,
to dig deep,
So I made a commitment to do this every single day and…
It started working
My books and e-books started selling again,
I was getting Paypal deposits in my inbox
I was funded some Qoin in my wallet
I got new clients, they booked sessions in advance,
I sold a 3 month package
i got refunds,
People started booking to my meetup
I got an enquiry asking how to pay me
I got new subscribers on my email list
I got two new work contracts
My Facebook audience was growing
I create a small monthly financial target and hit it immediately
New opportunities to make money showed up
People agreed to promote my stuff
I got an offer to help scale my business into the millions..
This is only the beginning I knew…
Every time I did the money mindset work my money situation improved
Til I realised,
I had getting in my own way
My patterns were blocking me
And through the money work as I released patterns it became
easier and it easier for it to flow into my life..
Often we get stuck in a vicious spiral in our own heads and that keeps us stuck..
So, I’d love to help you get unstuck too..
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