I've been on a thousand dinners.
I've been on hundreds of dates.
I've travelled the world.
Europe, Asia, Africa...
I've swum off boats
I've flown in many aeroplanes,
I've lived in different cultures and communities
I've had the best education money can buy.
I have 2 beautiful children and an ex I am great friends with who fully supports me with them.
I have my own house.
I have been in a ton of relationships and jobs and met tons of people
I have heard all sorts of problems
I have heard and seen and experienced so much
I'm hard to impress.
I get bored easily and once I do I'm GONE.
Shitty offers bore me,
They aren't a turn on.
So I say no.
Even if it means I walk away with nothing.
Because I KNOW there's gotta be something better around the corner
And once I am impressed I GO off,
But its rare.
Don't settle.
This week I got offered a 95k year job,
I went hmmm-maybe,
Cos that is
not such a great turn on any more considering what I can make in business..
Business is unlimited.
And its all about Mindset.
Your mind is your most powerful ally or enemy depending on how its programmed.
If you are interested in letting me help you re-program it,
If you are some one who has it all but just wants MORE
IF you feel like you are tapped out at a certain level and you'd like to unlock the next one,
IF you feel frustrated to just be stuck on a certain level.
I'm your lady luck
You can PLAY at unlocking you next level abundance.
you can clear out every and ALL thing in the way to your success
I am a genius at seeing peoples money blocks,
I'll see yours as soon as you move into my field
I'm inviting you in.
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