Your magnetism with high quality men amplifies in proportion to your own personal empowerment.

our magnetism with high quality men amplifies in proportion to your own personal empowerment.

When you are rock solid in who you are you will have clarity.⁣

You will eliminate the guesswork, the text-analysis, the wondering if he’s even into you, the miscommunication & the mixed signals.⁣

As your clarity grows as you…⁣

💕know how to effectively speak to him, how to deliver feedback in a way he can actually receive.⁣

💕As you know what to affirm in him, you know how to express affection & show love in ways that register to his sensibility.⁣

💕As you’re informed about how his experience is different than yours, he feels seen & understood⁣

So basically you get to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had 🤣⁣

In my years as both a matchmaker and a coach love coach, through a helluva lot of personal embodied experience, I’ve come to get it when it comes to guys.⁣

Loving Men is where I crack these man codes for you.⁣

Where we invite you into CLARITY around men.⁣

You don’t have to try so hard to please him.
you don’t have to put up walls until he’s “earned it” or whatever else.

It really does not need to be difficult or painful or complicated.⁣

It gets to feel good. It gets to feel easy, & symbiotic & right.⁣

Your relationship gets to inspire & nourish you. ❤️❤️⁣

You get to feel confident af in the effect you have on him while fully enjoying & receiving the effect he has on you.⁣

If you want to experience deeper romantic connection as you date or in your existing relationship, if you want to understand what actually creates attraction for him… in such a way that he’ll show up as the version of himself that is most attractive to you…⁣

…& enjoy the bejeezus out of your love life…⁣

…How to be a Eros Queen

I want all women to take this, creating a ripple effect across the world…can you imagine a world with hella examples of women THRIVING in love? Feeling cherished, adored, & desired?⁣



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