What is love? and do you get it?


Its not what you think it is.

Its not expectations. 

It's not about getting people to fulfill your needs

It's not looking hot to a man so he'll love you and fuck you, no.


its tapping into Divine Eros

Yes there is a force of love that exists at all times

that you are privy to

when you let go

of everything you thought you should be

or should do 

or should have

When you truly open up

to yourself

when your heart opens

then everything is love

and the universe responds

people respond

your life becomes a fucking playground of pleasure

it opens up to you in unimaginable ways

previously inaccessible when you are stuck trying to please every one else

Very few will ever truly access it

They will be stuck in some vague unfullfiment and make do

Only the few who a truly passionate and determined to access it

will get there.

These are the only people I am interested in working with

the fully committed, 

the fully dedicated

to whatever it takes to tap this deep erotic, pleasurable force of love (which is also the force that attracts money btw)

that is there all the time

but we've lost contact with

because of the way society fucks us up

with all its lies and fairy tales about how it should be

Its not truth.

when you tap your juiciest, inner core

no man in his right mind can resist you

not that there are many in their right mind, mind you!


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