Luxe Lady Life Transformation

If you'd like your life to be easier and more supported financially, then its all about removing the things getting in the way of money and luxury flowing to you. 

Those things are mindset and emotional issues which happen to be my speciality at helping resolve. 

In this program we will heal any : inner conflicts, inner child wounds, perfectionism, self esteem issues, daddy issues, mummy issues, control issues, mindset issues and workaholism so that you can experience the following benefits: 

Greater business cash flow 

clients appearing out of thin air

Making more by doing less

Have great opportunities fall in your lap

have multiple sources of income

Manifest ANYTHING you want

improved romantic relationships

more energy

This is done by helping you become a magnet for your desires through the cultivation of:


letting go, 

embodying feminine energy

setting good boundaries 

tapping into your true genius

Additional benefits from the program: 

  • Earn with ease
  • Get paid to be yourself
  • Turn anything into gold
  • Melt away your limitations
  • Make more money through napping, joy and pleasure
  • Step into your wealthy woman identity
  • Become an energetic match for luxury
  • Remove depression, anxiety and perfectionism and materialize your ideal lifestyle
  • Use your feminine magnetism to attract anything
  • The art of creating space for treats to show up for you
  • How to get spoiled by the universe (he is your sugar daddy)
  • The art of letting go to allow in the wildly unimaginable.
  • Make more by working LESS
  • Letting go of the how it happens and learning to trust its already yours
  • Tap into your power and literally create money from nothing
  • Manifest at will, no more inconsistency!
  • Reprogram your mind to access better quality money and love


4 x VIP coaching 60 minute calls, 5 video Digital Course Playful Diva bundle includes - how to step into your wealthy woman identity, how to make more money from joy, pleasure and naps,  1 month messenger support,  Access to exclusive live trainings, womens circle and paid meetups, Private facebook community, Money and Love subliminals

Fill the form to apply, you probably wont get chosen but who knows...!

Or....For those willing to go to the next level of power introducing....


Being independent is mistakenly believed to be a masculine quality.
Its not.
Its completely feminine.
a woman cannot be fully activated into her power unless she can make her own fun
when she is completely unclingy to anything
that’s when she activates her pleasure and power.
a woman's power is found in her PLEASURE
the deeper and deeper you can enter your own personal pleasure zone
the faster you will magnetize masculine provision
because HE finds you in your pleasure zone ABSOLUTELY IRRISISTABLE.
Even if he cant physically SEE you
he will STILL FEEL it
and come to you
not just physical MEN, although thats a big part of it.
but provision from the universe
opportunities, experiences, money
beyond your imagination
Notice how whenever you are having FUN, something interrupts you?
The phone rings?
The masculine can FEEL you
I have a deep desire to work with three women who wants to enter a deeper realm of pleasure, and feminine activation in their lives.
Only those ready
no fucking around with payments
just ALL In
ENTER THE PLEASURE ZONE where we activate you into your power for epic provision